Car Loan After Bankruptcy

Some may ask just how can they possibly get a vehicle after they have been through a chapter 7 or chapter 13? This part is best to be done with a buy here pay here dealership. A bankruptcy is typically a time when you have gone through some life challenges and is finally trying to get back on your feet and just need the right dealership that can allow you to purchase a car.

For the most part you may start getting many offers in the mail advertising information about how you can get financed and what they can offer you. None of these deals are true perhaps just a way for you to come in with thousands of dollars. We all have heard these stories before.

A bankruptcy is public information so it’s not hard to notice that every credit card company and car dealership is trying to advertise to earn your dollars in anyway possible. I like to give people a post office box so that way I am not harassed with all of the junk mail that you may start to get in the mail.

Well, enough about that. The buy here pay here is the best program because the do not care about your credit. In fact all they want to know is can you make your payments every month and are you getting steady income.


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