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When you are wanting to venture out and find some pretty good deals at some used car lots you may wonder exactly what may be the best way of getting a car deal without giving them blood in return. The better your credit score the less blood you have to give. One may also ask can they put more money down in exchange, of course yes so we are here to discuss which car lots make things much easier.

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The car dealerships in and around the U.S. have been able to provide some form of regulation to help most car buyers obtain a vehicle at the best affordable price. However we have also discovered that you may need to wait awhile to come up with some more money. At the buy here pay here car lots the typically do not ask for such things. In fact they really only want to know how much money do you make per month and can you show proof.

Showing proof can be tricky if you are paid cash however if you have some form of bank statements that may suffice for now. The reason being is because they need to cover their investment although it is secured with collateral.

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