Cars Under $1000

When you think of getting a car you always want to save as much money as possible. This is true when you have only a few hundred dollars or maybe one thousand to get a basic vehicle. Some people know when they have the money the last thing they want o spend it on is rent.

Although we like to help our family we are not over excited about giving them our money. Giving them money to do this or that is quite pricey and besides it feels better to spend it yourself. Yes it also feels good to give to someone in need but don’t you also need it as well?

If you are in need of a vehicle and all you can afford is a $1000 car then you are needy as well and is subject to getting donations from other people cause you are not well off or rich. Yes you may be a little fortunate to purchase a very cheap car but what happens when that car breaks down on you.

No one will be around to help you with repairs cause we know for sure you will need them.

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