When you think of a cheap car lot the main thing that comes to mind is how cheap? Some cars are purchased and sold at prices of $1000-$4000. This can be a good deal from some but when you consider the work that goes into keeping a vehicle in good health one may wonder if it is possible.


Buying a used car that does not have a high sticker price can lead to high repairs in the end. We always like when someone smiles after buying a new or used car because they are satisfied with a great purchase. Will that car last more than a month or two is the true question.

The longer the car last with only minor maintenance helps the reputation of the car dealership you purchase the vehicle from. Wen you have a affordable car that allows your payments to be less than $100 per month you can feel good about making your payments and also feel even better with wanting to pay off the balance as soon as possible.

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