Check to make sure all of the features in the car is functioning correctly before you fall in love with the vehicle. This will also insure you get a quality vehicle and your money would not be going to waste. If you can arrange for the test driven car to be taken to a couple of outside 3rd party mechanics this would help insure that the engine including the transmission is OK.

The last thing you want to happen is the vehicle to breakdown and you would be left making a payment on something that does not drive. While this is costly and not smart, arrange for the buy here pay here Springfield MO dealer before the purchase to fix any car repairs within 12 mos. make sure you get this in writing and signed by the car salesmen and the manager on staff.


You want to have a strong case if they tend to forget what they have promised at the time of exchange. Things happen and you want to be covered. Negotiate with them. They may have a good price on that car but you do not know if whether or not the engine is up to par and their will not be any minor repairs. 1 year of good running condition should allow you some piece of mind and get you from 1 point to the next.


Things that even are great can come to an end, hopefully these buy here pay here dealers will still last even though the consumer protection agency is now coming down on us very hard. Why? It?s very difficult to say but we do know that some buyers feel that they have been taken advantage of. This can hurt any line of business and this happens from perception. When someone feels that one thing is one thing yet to find out it is something different can really set you back pretty far.

I am not a fan of these practices but I do know as adults we need to take some responsibility instead of calling mommy or the government to help us after we have made a mistake that can cost you dear. Take some time out and re-evaluate to see if it was a user error.

Some car dealers help fix what other dealers has caused by changing the name of a used car salesmen. Why this can be a positive thing we know all too well that people will typically have some form of bad impression even if given a second chance. Let?s just hope that the car will not have any problems and the customer keeps changing the oil as scheduled.





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