For a moment we thought that the car industry was going to be set for an overhaul, come to find out this just applies to California. Yeah regulations over there are quick to put people out of business. The more we know what regulators will are or will not allow us to get away with the better off we are of running a successful business.

Nobody wants to have a bunch of red tape getting in the way of a would be buyer and a seller so we at times know that you will not be able to overcome a good deal because some dealership is increasing their price to make up for the losses they incurred through the process of getting the buy here pay here car lots in Rhode Island dealership in line with politicians. Sounds like a long stretch from what you may want to hear but the fact remains that you want the free market to determine the price of the car that way you can get a very good deal on a very good vehicle. There is no other way around it and I hope we can finally get the right people in charge going forward.


Exploring your Options when you Have Not Built-up Your Credit

If you may try to make other options possible in a new vehicle I would like to invite you to do so because there are so many incentives that can allow your payment to be low and you can get more of a fuel efficient car if you buy new versus used. But when this possibility is out the window than we hope that you allow us to try our best to impress you and make things work.

The buy here pay here has been around for more than a couple decades and over history we know that when a customer has landed on these lots sometimes you can make something happen if you only can prove you have a good job. Some jobs are the come and go and some you can actually make some good money and even establish a career. So these dealers are looking to see what you do.

The other things they want to see is are you old enough to handle a responsibility and are you willing to keep up with a vehicle. Vehicle up keep is so important because you will find that a broken down vehicle has a 90% default rate versus cars that runs very well. People do not want to pay for something that doesn’t work. Same applies to a used car that you may or may not have added a warranty.

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