Used Cars Under 5000

You can find some pretty good deals at the average car lot across America, but when you are looking for a really good deal there is nothing better to getting a vehicle than getting a car that has less than 100k miles and is under $5000. The cheaper the car lower your payment on a car loan. We like to advise to also consider some dealers that offer in-house financing because of the most affordable rates can be had if your credit is not good.

The better your credit the better chance you have in getting a car that is under $5000 and also have low mileage. Your payment will typically be around $100 per month and you can get insurance that may also add to that price however not too bad because the car is very inexpensive. Saving money on getting a used car is the way to go while you are trying to build your financial future and we recommend you starting with a Chevy or Ford car because the parts and repairs are much cheaper when you purchase a domestic vehicle.

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