Now that the dust has settle on some of these buy here pay here car lots in Illinois dealers they can get back to doing what they are good at and that is selling quality used vehicle. Yeah sounds like a crazy thing to mention however some of these used car owners did take good care of their vehicle and just needed to upgrade or trade-in for a larger or smaller car.

I know when you go down to most of the car lots you can find some price differences in cars deepening on what the car lot is willing to make in profit and how many miles and the condition of that auto. Some other things like features and engine varies so it is very difficult for some dealers to be compared to other dealers in an apple to orange scenario. The other way you can promise yourself that you will not spend too much on a car is to keep your money at home.

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Kansas City

If you do not take you credit card or debit card with you it is impossible to spend or take money out of your bank. This allows you to think over the vehicle for 24 hours prior to buying and also gives your family or friends some time to review.


Thanks to so many people leaving positive comments about our website we thought we share with you how some of these buyers are becoming successful with purchasing a vehicle with less than $1200 down. Some if not all have credit scores below 599 and have only been on their job less than 6 months.

The first step they do is have all of their documents organized and ready for processing. You want to have all of your pay stubs from the past 2 weeks also you want to have your past 2 years tax documents. The other item you want to have before you go to a buy here pay here dealer is your utility bill to show you do live where you say you live. You will also need to show that your credit report is new and is up to date. Bring or write 3 references down on a separate sheet of paper so that you will have their name address and phone number.

These are some items that you may want to have organized in a folder to present to the salesmen if you have not yet applied for a loan. The other thing you want to do is hit get approved on the next page so that way you can get a loan right away and have the approval with you before you start test driving many vehicles.

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