People have said that the economy has grown quite a bit. But I do see that there has been strength of buyers show up to the dealerships with some cash to purchase a used car. Now that they buyers have saved up some money it can be a challenge if the government creates a tax or a fee that will take some of their refunds away to go towards tome health insurance cost. This would slow down the car lots because around tax time is when car lots thrive.

This change may not take into effect until 2014 so between now and then try to take full advantage of your tax refunds and save for a rainy day if need. My rainy day is buying or upgrading to a newer vehicle every year from either of the buy here pay here car lots in NJ. Sounds a little selfish but there is one way that I treat myself and that is my car that I have know and grown to love. If buying a car is a hobby to you then spend whatever time you want to make yourself happy because life is short, enjoy it while you can.

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If you feel you want to recommend us to your friends we may be able to point you to a few dealers that will provide you with a discount.


There are always going to be a need for people looking for an alternative finance option to get a car loan. Some people do not have the best of history regarding paying their bills on-time and you know this by just talking to the folks at the local Ford dealer managers that always have to turn down business.

Some of these clients end up on our website looking and hoping to score a deal and fund their car with a pretty good rate on a 24 month term basis. While some loans will give you more time to pay it off you can actually look on our site and decide which option you would like after your loan has been approved and also choose from 6 dealerships in the city limits.


We do not like to hold anyone just to a couple of dealerships because we understand that you need selections also its better when you have 6 options to find a car versus 1 or 2. We can ask for more but then again we do see that you must get your first car or at least some good wheels to get you from one point to the next without any mechanical errors.

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