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When you are in the market looking for a pretty descent vehicle and want to implement a better strategy to purchase the car without a co-signer you may want to ask yourself what it is that is actually holding you back from car ownership. Some say it is the down payment and other say it is the credit or the income. I even heard stories of people saying that it is the fact that they already own several cars and the banks will not finance them for another one.

While all of these reasons fall within the borders of difficult circumstance these can be huge fundamental reasons that these companies will not allow the current borrower a chance to get too far over their heads in terms of getting a deal that can bankrupt the whole transaction and other obligations all together.

We do like when this payment is comfortable for most clients but we do not want to just give away the car for free because there must be some form of profit in order to keep the lights on. While this is certainly true for all buy here pay here Springfield MO businesses the consumer protection agencies are now sticking their neck in our operations because they say we are possibly price gouging which is not true at all.

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