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When we are trying to help point a client in the right direction of the best running car on the lot they typically will go the other direction and we would to because we do not have enough trust or faith in the person we just me. So at times we try to point them in the opposite direction hoping they will choose the vehicle that we really want them to pick. This sounds like a crazy but it is certainly true you can see some of the car lots on this site also.

The image of used car salesmen is not good and it maybe never will be until all of the new car dealers close their doors. Let’s face the new car dealers have a much better reputation and they also offer something that we can not compete with and that is zero miles. Having a car with no miles is key to being able to have that new car smell along with a warranty that comes with it.

It is just the best thing about getting a new vehicle. When you step on the gas that car really gets up to where you need it to be. Some will floor the vehicle for the first 2 days just to get all the oil running smoothly throughout the engine.


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